New generation of metal extraction

High copper recovery rate (90%-95%)
Metal recovery from fines, tailings and low grade ores
Low water and reagent consumption



InnovEco Australia has developed and patented a new ion exchange method for economic recovery of copper and other metals from complex and low-grade ores, mining and industrial waste.


NGMX will commercialize the new technology in the Australian mining sector and provide environmental solutions for mine rehabilitation.


Based on the metallurgical tests NGMX has identified four mining projects in Australia suitable for implementation of the RIP/RIMM technology.


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⚫ Alligator Energy, CEO
⚫ Rex Minerals, Director
⚫ SACOME, President

Experienced mining executive, over 30 years in resource industry

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⚫ COOE, Director

Over 30 years experience in environmental science, mines closure and rehabilitation

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⚫ InnovEco, Director

Over 30 years experience in materials science and ion exchange. Author of 4 patents and over 40 publications

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⚫ InnovEco, Director

Over 30 years experience in information technology and project management


Limitations of the existing technologies

The current technologies are heap leaching and solvent extraction (HP/SX).
HP is characterised by high water and acid consumption and large footprint. HP and SX represents environmental risks due to large volumes of wastes and high residue content.
The copper recovery rate in HP/SX process does not exceed 75% and in presence of fines could be only 50%.

Innovative metal recovery method

NGMX will use two patented ion exchange based processes: Resin In Pulp (RIP) and Resin In Moist Mix (RIMM).
They feature the following processing steps (as shown on the process flow diagram (PFD)):
• Blending fine metal bearing minerals, leaching solution and ion exchange resins
• Separation of the resin from solids
•Resin deorption to produce pure and concentrated metal sulphate solution
• Production of final product - copper sulphate crystals or cathode copper

The new technology advantages

• Higher copper extraction rates (95% vs 75%)
• Use of modern advanced resins
• Simple process flow diagram
• Possibility to process fines and clays in a simple and cost-effective way
• Significant reduction in water and reagents consumption
• Low residual content in the wastes
• Small plant footprint
• Reduced environmental impact


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Project One

Copper deposit - 1.4Mt @0.65% Cu, 8.4kT of recoverable Cu valued at A$70.5M

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Project Two

Copper and REE deposit - 735kt @0.66% Cu, 4.85kT of recoverable Cu valued at A$34.1M. REE in situ value is around A$33.4M

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Project Three

Tailings dam contains residual uranium, scandium and other REE. Value is around A$29.1M

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Project Four

Copper tailings - 1.4Mt @0.48% Cu, contained Cu 6.8kt valued at A$57.1M


Global market overview

The global market for this technology can be illustrated with the example for copper. The global copper mine production reached 20.3 million tons in 2019 valued at U$120 billion. There are millions of tons of the copper contained wastes around the world. Conservatively, at least 5% of copper remains in the waste or tailings valued at approximately U$6 billion a year.
The proposed technology enables the cost-effective recovery of the residual copper. Around 20% of the remaining copper can be recovered and the value of the recovered copper could reach U$1.2B.

Australian market

There are dozens of confirmed small copper deposits in Australia. Their copper reserves vary from 500 tons to 5,000 tons of contained copper.
There are a number of factors that make them uneconomic to process including scarcity of water, presence of fines, low copper grade.
This is a niche market for the RIP/RIMM technology which uses modular and transportable plants and requiring less water and chemicals.
This market value is estimated at A$500M.

Investment required

The technology implementation requires two phase investment.

Seed 1 - A$1.2M
To build and operate Pilot Plant (100 kg/h) 6-9 months of trials

Seed 2 - A$7.0M
To build commercial plant (25 t/h) and start copper production


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